Let’s look at the inclusion/exclusion principle in a human situation. You are on a dark and lonely road in the New Mexico mountains. It is winter and the temperature is thirty degrees below zero and you have car trouble. You are completely stalled and in danger of freezing to death. By the way, you are a white person who is prejudice against black people, i.e. you do not include them in your accepted sphere of existence. Well, along comes a black man in a nice warm truck and offers you a ride to the nearest town which is 60 miles away. If you decide to include black people in your reality, you could be saved from freezing to death. If you decide to continue to exclude them, you could die.
The point being that if we are of a state of mind to include all possibilities, realities, beings, conditions, etc. – i.e. allow them to exist in our reality, we are increasing the wholeness and potential sustenance of ourselves.
Thus, the more we include, the greater our chances for survival as individuals and as a species. This can be projected right on out to all things on the planet and in the universe. The result being an endless participation in everlasting life. Thus, sustenance is directly proportional to inclusion. The electron, as a result of its’ exclusion, gains enough individuality to then include and interact with all that is. Thus it experiences everlasting life. We too can experience everlasting life by gaining the strength to inlcude all peoples, all animals, all plants, all the planet, all of the solar system, etc., etc. This total inclusion is the result of spherical vision.
– Michael Reynolds