Unable to join us at the Earthship Campus in Taos, New Mexico, USA? You can still learn with us!

Start with the ONLINE ACADEMY, all the classes have been recorded from the original Earthship Academy.

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The Online Earthship Academy is an exclusive program with access to all classes online. Become part of the Earthship Community!
You will also have a LIVE Q & A with Michael Reynolds. 

The Online Curriculum is the same as the Academy on campus.
The classes are divided as follows:

Online Earthship Academy Session Dates
April – June
July – September
October – December

Core Classes – Earthship Design Principles

  1. Thermal/Solar heating and cooling
  2. Building with natural and re-purposed materials
  3. Water Harvesting, Storage and filtration
  4. Contained Sewage Treatment
  5. Solar and Wind Electric Systems
  6. Food Production


  • Water Organisation Module

  • Electric Wiring

  • Earthship Maintenance

  • Layout Lab

  • Power Tools Safety

Hands-on Field Study preparation

  • Job Safety and Power Tools Safety

  • Vault in Earthships

  • Carpentry

  • Tours

  • Pounding Tires

Methodology – How Earthships Function.

  • History and Evolution of Earthships

  • Basics of Earthship Construction Techniques

  • How to read Earthship Construction drawings

  • Earthship Types

  • The Water Organization Module

  • How to build Gray and Black Water Systems

  • The Basics of Electricity

  • The Power Organizing Module

  • Building Permit and Process for Earthship Permitting

  • Earthship Finishes Options

  • Earthship Operations

  • Earthship Disaster and Poverty Relief projects

  • Sustainable Communities

  • Earthship Inspired Housing example

  • Introduction to Aquaponics

  • Staging an Earthship Build

With the Online Academy, you will receive all the benefits that the Earthship Academy students benefit from (discount for online store products, exclusivity to workshops and hands-on Field Study builds, access to teachers and more). You will have access to all the classes for 3 months and then be required to take the final exam. To receive credit, you must pass the final exam with a 60% or higher.

The on-campus, in the field Earthship Academy Sessions are 3hours of classes daily over four weeks.
The Online Earthship Academy can be finished in one month if you follow the same rhythm.

You will then have to complete TWO Step 2 (Field Studies), and a Step 3 (Independent Study) to graduate, just like the Earthship Academy students attending the Earthship Academy at the Earthship Campus Headquarters.

Online Session cost: $ 1000 USD. (Step 1 of the Academy)

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