Extensive training in Earthship design principles, construction methods, and philosophy. 

Academy classes, labs, tours, and hands-on construction techniques are led by top Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers, and plant specialists.

World class education – learn and live the Earthship philosophy and help expand it globally. The Earthship Academies happen several times a year in Taos, and in different countries (International Academies). 

Earthship Academy Biotecture School Offgrid Sustainable Buildings
Contact Us

Due to the current situation, you will have to present a negative coronavirus test result,
completed within 1 week before the start of your academy session. 

You can share your COVID test result via email at
OR give us a call at the office at: +1 575-613-4888

COVID-19 Testing in Taos, NM, USA – Earthship Academy
Recommended: Purchase travel insurance prior to your session, especially if you are flying.

The Earthship Academy has trained over 1400 students from around the world. Students come from diverse backgrounds, many are trained architects, municipal planners, artists, teachers, industrial designers, professional builders, community and environmental activists.

There are no prerequisites to attend, however applicants must be self-reliant and prepared to work in an intense group environment and take care of themselves physically, financially, and emotionally.

Earthship Academy: The most comprehensive green building education.

earthship academy biotecture school offgrid sustainable buildings

“Having completed an Academy session 2 years ago all I can say is, go do it…Incredible experience learning from Michael Reynolds and his team of Earthship experts (Warriors). You’ll meet like minded individuals and learn new skills which will give you the confidence and know how to build and promote these beautiful sustainable buildings.”

“It took me 4 years from my first introduction to earthships to the time I conjured up the courage to knock on their door. I stepped in and it was that little bit of madness that creates the magic we all want but refuse to believe in. The people, the ideas, the support; it’s all there. Go for it … you won’t regret it!”

Faddoul Kawar, Earthship Academy Student
earthship academy biotecture school offgrid sustainable buildings Western University

Earthship Academy partners with Western Colorado University’s two-year Master in Environmental Management graduate degree. Participants in the Earthship Academy can also earn undergraduate credit to be applied to their bachelor’s degrees in universities across the world. 

earthship academy biotecture school offgrid sustainable buildings Americorps


There is no time limit on completing the path to graduation. Some students pursue their degrees in Earthship Biotecture aggressively, others are content with the knowledge they gain during their Academy session and do not strive to graduate. 


Complete an Academy session in Taos or a Global session (95% attendance in the classroom and participation in hands-on work as well as a passing grade on the Final Exam are required). This Step 1 session will soon also be available online.

Students receive credit towards this requirement by participating in an official Earthship Biotecture Field Studies project. Field Study opportunities are intended to help further student’s knowledge of hands-on building techniques by inviting them to work alongside the Earthship Biotecture crew on a ground up build.  They are usually offered 2 to 3 times a year in the US and internationally.  Projects range in duration from 2-8 weeks.  There are two types of Field Studies offered:  client builds, and humanitarian builds.  For either type of Field Study, students are responsible for their own transportation, food and lodging.

The Independent Study may take place anywhere in the world and may be physical (launching a demonstration project in China, staging and facilitating a relief project in Haiti) or digital (designing a CAD model of an Earthship city in Turkey, mapping Pockets of Freedom in Australia). Students may propose their Independent Study after they complete the Academy Session and Field Studies requirements. Independent Studies must receive written approval from Academy Staff and are subject to review to qualify for credit.

Earthship Academy Scholarship

Earthship Academy is offering a full scholarship for tuition ($2,500) and housing

accommodations ($500) for each Academy session at Earthship Biotecture headquarters.

Scholarship Candidates: Who should apply?

This full scholarship is intended to empower low-income communities located in rural regions of the US. We are looking for candidates in the following categories:

  • Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) are especially encouraged to apply

  • Individuals and/or appointed members of organizations who contribute to their communities in rural/low-income/marginalized areas and/or native American reservations

  • Individuals studying housing issues and/or low-income housing alternatives

  • Housing activists and environmental activists

  • Experienced construction workers passionate about building off-grid communities

offgrid school

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Academy Acceptance

What is the difference between the Academy and the Internship?2020-02-23T19:27:54-07:00
  • The Academy is a 4-week long program that includes time spent both in the classroom and on the job site.  The Academy is $2,500, plus the cost of accommodations.

  • The Internship is a 3-week long program that is solely spent on the job site.  The cost is $500 which includes accommodations.

  • Our original education program was the internship, but many of the interns thought it would be extremely beneficial to have some days spent in the classroom learning the theory and methodology behind the Earthship concept.  Therefore, the Academy is a much more in depth educational experience.

What do I get when I complete my Earthship Biotecture Certification?2020-02-23T19:28:27-07:00
  • You will receive your certificate in Biotecture from Earthship Biotecture.  

  • You are able to to apply this credit toward graduate school.  We have a partnership with Western States Colorado University, specifically with their Masters in Environmental Management Program.  Even if you are not enrolled at WSCU, you may be able to apply the credit to your program.

  • You will also be able to give public talks about Earthships.  We have had many of our graduates share their knowledge of Earthships with others.

Is there an application deadline?2020-02-23T19:28:54-07:00

Your application needs to be submitted by the 1st of the month prior to the Academy session you wish to attend.  If you are submitting your application via mail you need to ensure that we will receive it by the 1st. If you are submitting your application via e-mail, you can send it on the 1st.  (I.e.  You want to attend the April Academy session, we need to receive it by the 1st of March).

For my recommendation letters, what do I need?2020-02-23T19:30:26-07:00

These recommendation letters are more of a character reference than professional references and are more for us to start to get to know who you are.

After Academy Acceptance

Can I camp?2020-02-23T19:31:18-07:00
  • Camping is not allowed on our property.  This includes campers, RV’s, buses, tents, etc.

  • You can contact Carson National Forest:  575-758-6200; ask for a spot closest to the Gorge Bridge.

  • If you decide to camp, you will need to have your own vehicle to get to and from our property.

Do I get to choose my own housing?2020-02-23T19:32:02-07:00

No.  Once you choose whether you want to live in a shared or private room, we will set up where you will stay.  We have to make arrangements for housing based on the number of cars in each group.

Why can’t I bring my rice cooker (blender, hair dryer, etc.)?2020-02-23T19:32:37-07:00

Our power system is not made to handle these high wattage appliances.  When you build your own Earthship, you’ll be able to put more batteries and solar panels in them in order to power your needs.  You’ll learn more about this in your Electrical courses.

Do I need to bring biodegradable soaps if I’m living in the housing?2020-02-23T19:33:19-07:00

The plants are watered from the bathroom sink and shower (and occasionally the kitchen sink).  You do not have to buy specific soap simply to come here.  Be conscientious of how much soap you are using and putting down the drain, large amounts can be harmful to the plants.  Do not pour bleach or photography chemicals down these drains.  

How far will we be from Taos?2020-02-23T19:33:50-07:00

The Greater World Community (Academy Campus) is about 20 minutes North of Taos.  Taos is the nearest town where you will be able to buy groceries & do your laundry.

Does the Academy have laundry facilities?2020-02-23T19:35:22-07:00

No.  There are two laundromats in Taos.  Spin & Sparkle and The Pinch Penny.

Will I have have WiFi while at the Academy?2020-02-23T19:36:20-07:00

We have WiFi in the majority of our buildings.  Our classroom and most of our student housing units has WiFi.  If you end up staying in a unit where there is no WiFi, you will still have access via communal areas in your housing compound.

Does Earthship Biotecture have housing for families?2020-02-23T19:36:54-07:00

Each situation is different; however, we are willing to make reasonable accommodations for families.  Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

What size bedding do I need to bring?2020-02-23T19:37:28-07:00

The majority of our beds are twin sized.  

When can I do a field study?2020-02-23T19:38:01-07:00

We offer field study opportunities 2-3 times a year.  Keep an eye out in your e-mail or on our website for the most up to date information.

When do I need to pay my tuition balance? If I cannot attend, will I get a refund?2020-02-23T19:38:30-07:00

Tuition is expected to be paid in full before the first day of your Academy session.

    • Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy but you can use your credit for up to two years, on any program or product.

Can I arrive few days before?2020-02-23T19:39:17-07:00

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate you before 10:00a.m. on the first day of your session.  We recommend you contact the Abominable Snow Mansion at (575)776-8298. 

Can I stay longer?2020-02-23T19:39:43-07:00

We are unable to allow students to stay after their session in our student housing.  We have a new group Academy students or Interns coming each month.

Will Michael Reynolds be there?2020-02-23T19:40:09-07:00

Michael Reynolds does teach classes for many of our Academy sessions; however, we have clients all over the world and Michael may be traveling during your specific session.  There are many other very skilled instructors that have been a part of the Earthship movement for numerous years.  If you wish to have a special consultation with Michael please contact our receptionist at (575)751-0462.  

What time do we start in the morning?2020-02-23T19:40:41-07:00

You are expected to be in the classroom or on the job site before 9:00a.m.  Classes and work start at 9:00.

Can I record the classes?2020-02-23T19:41:07-07:00

We do allow voice recordings of the classes, video recording is prohibited.

Will I be able to build my own Earthship once I finish the Academy?2020-02-23T19:41:35-07:00

The short answer is no you will not be able to build your own Earthship once you finish the Academy.  However, this really depends on your skill level going into the Academy.  There are many components that go into the construction of an Earthship including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, etc.  You will learn the basics of all of these, but you will likely want to hire a professional for many aspects of the construction of your own Earthship.