In a secluded corner of Joshua Tree, Calif., a livestock tank painted white, surrounded with cactuses and crowned with black string lights serves as an outdoor tub for ultrahip Airbnb “The Shack Attack,” owned by Kathrin and Brian Smirke.

The tub, which the Smirkes dreamed up as a respite from the desert elements, quickly took on new life as an Instagram photo booth of sorts, where guests are all too eager to pose for a mid-soak snap (#stocktank #outdoortub #modernbohemian).

Last year, New York magazine’s the Strategist dubbed stock tanks “the Mason jars of backyard pools.” But unlike Mason jars, this resurging throwback shows no sign of losing steam.

“People in the country have been using stock tanks and clawfoot tubs as pools for years,” says Taysha Murtaugh, lifestyle editor for, an early chronicler of the DIY pool trend. “Many of our readers have told us they remember spending their summers in these ‘hillbilly hot tubs,’ as they’re affectionately called, back in the ’50s and ’60s.”