Water Organizing Module (WOM)


Ready to mount on your wall and connect to the house plumbing. Water Organizing Module built by Earthship Biotecture Master Water Engineer.

The WOM, Water Organizing Module filters and pressurizes fresh, potable drinking water for human consumption and use. The WOM can be added to any existing building to improve water quality. DC Pump. Good and simple. Can be repaired with new parts.



Distribute the fresh, potable drinking water through the building at code required pressure. Water from the city, cistern, your well, etc. can all be hooked up to the WOM. Automated systems can manage the connection to multiple water sources to keep the cistern supplied with water.

The cisterns elevations are designed to gravity feed the water pumps and filters. The elevation of the water pump is low to the floor level of the building. The water pump pushes water into a pressure tank.

The W.O.M. (Water Organizing Module) starts with a high flow strainer with a 50 mesh screen. You can see through the filter cartridge so you can see whether the filter is dirty or not. It just gets the debris the silt catch doesn’t get out of the water to protect the pump.

Then the pump pushes the water though another filter, a 500 mesh filter. Then, the water goes to a pressure tank. The pump is builds up code required pressure in the pressure tank. The pressure tank is sized for the water uses of the building.

After the pressure tank, the water goes out to the building for all normal use of water except for actually drinking the water.

On the WOM, after the pressure tank line, there is a line though a 1000 mesh filter then to a high flow drinking water filter. The 1000 mesh filter protects the drinking water filter. The fresh, potable drinking water is distributed throughout the house where fresh, potable, drinking water is used. Usually at every sink, there is a separate faucet for the fresh, potable, drinking water.

Aside from the autonomy and security that comes with rainwater harvesting and filtration, there are many other advantages that are worth highlighting.

Additional information

Weight 840 oz
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 11 in