Holiday Book Specials – Give the gift of knowledge and inspiration for current and future generations with our new limited holiday specials!

2021 Earthship Calendar
Beautiful Earthship Calendar for the 2021 Calendar Year. Beautiful images from many different Earthships.

Kids View
10 pages Kids View of sustainable living, Earthship Biotecture.

Full Wizards Set
A Manual of Human Potential. 8 Pamphlets covering the concepts and philosophies behind being human and designing, living in and teaching Earthship Biotecture. Looking at the Human Condition, A Link with Light, Where Mind and Matter Meet, The Coming of Wizards, Direct Living, The Art of Leaning, Non Local Awareness, Image of God

Earthship Volume 1
How to Build Your Own

Earthship Catalog
This compact book provides its readers with a basic understanding of what Earthship Biotecture does and how we do it. The book begins with an overview of the six defining principles of the Earthship before sharing information on the differing models, past projects and our educational programs. Each topic is complimented by beautiful pictures and illustrations. This is the perfect book for those new to Earthships and those who would like to share Earthships with others.