The first book in the Earthship Volume Trilogy written by Michael Reynolds. In Earthship Volume 1: Build Your Own, he describes earthships, the theories behind them, the need for them and why they work. He then dives into the details of how to actually build one.

Imagine living in a home that costs nothing to heat or cool. Imagine building this home yourself. Imagine growing your own vegetables year round in this home. Imagine having no utility bills. Imagine having easily available and unlimited resources to build this type of home. Imagine your own earthship!

An Earthship is a structure that is self-sufficient. It is a building that provides it’s own heat, cooling, water, electricity and sewage treatment. In addition it is built with reused or otherwise environmentally sensitive materials, that are relatively cheap, readily available, and easy to use. Used automobile tires meet all of these criteria and make the basic building block for an Earthship.


“I went to Taos and toured some of the “Earth Ship” houses, and they were wonderful. I bought the books there and read them cover to cover (on the way home). These books are full of good, practical, information. If you have access to old tires, empty cans, clay mud, you could build your own house. I haven’t done a house yet, but I’ve done some other interesting projects using these principles.”

“These books are way ahead of their time. The author first describes the idea of a self-contained “earthship” — a home that provides for it’s own power, sewage, food and water needs. He then talks about the structure, the ideas behind it, and why it works. The rest of the book is all about how to actually build one. Don’t pass this up, once you get the idea in your head, you’ll want to build one of your own!”

“This book could change the world. Yes, a sweeping claim but just check it out if you are interested in living in harmony with the earth. Imagine living in a home you built yourself of materials all in overabundance in the states. Imagine never having to pay another utility bill! This book has it all baby! I’d like to build the world an earthship. A revolutionary idea for our screwy times. BUY IT READ IT GET IT DO IT!!!”