Sweet taste of heritage tomatoes at Mohawk Seedkeepers Earthship.

By Donna Duric Writer Who knew that so many tomato varieties existed and that they could all taste so different? If you did your gardening right, tomato season is here and there are dozens of varieties to choose from. Some are good in salads, some are good to use in salsas, and others are better for a homemade marinara sauce. It all depends on how tangy or sweet the tomato variety is. Renowned Six Nations gardener and seedkeeper Terrylynn Brant held a tomato taste test at her unique “earthship” property on Chiefswood Road to showcase the over dozen varieties of tomatoes she grew this season, each with its own unique flavour discernible only to the most distinguishing palates. Brant said she held the taste test to pare down the number… [read more at theturtleislandnews.com]

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