The Greater World Earthship Community Webinar with Phil Basehart

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2021-02-18T17:33:04-07:00New Mexico, webinars|

Fireplace in a Tire Wall Webinar with Michael Reynolds

Feb 3, 2021 09:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada) - While Earthships will keep you warm in the winter without any additional head source, many people enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace. Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship concept will explain how you can put a fireplace in a tire wall.


Earthships and Haiti: Past, Present, and Future

Earthship Webinar: Team leader, master earthship builder, Phil Basehart goes in depth about how we work with the Haitian community and build structures there in the past, what we are doing presently with a Haitian primary school, and our goals for the future within Haiti.

2021-01-11T14:02:57-07:00Caribbean, webinars|

Michael Reynolds, Earthship Garbage Warrior Live Interview for Sept. 22

Michael Reynolds, Earthship Creator / Garbage Warrior will be interviewed live on September 22. Master Earthship Biotect, Phil Basehart will conduct the interview. We look forward to a lively event as we talk about how we got here, what Earthship Models played a significant part in the evolution of the