Turn a livestock watering tank into a backyard pool.

In a secluded corner of Joshua Tree, Calif., a livestock tank painted white, surrounded with cactuses and crowned with black string lights serves as an outdoor tub for ultrahip Airbnb “The Shack Attack,” owned by Kathrin and Brian Smirke. The tub, which the Smirkes dreamed up as a respite from the desert elements, quickly


Micro-Hydro Power – Pros and Cons

Small-scale micro hydro power is both an efficient and reliable form of energy, most of the time. However, there are certain disadvantages that should be considered before constructing a small hydro power system. It is crucial to have a grasp of the potential energy benefits as well as the limitations of hydro technology. There

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This Solar Panel-Like Device Can Collect and Filter Drinking Water from the Air

With solar panels, we can use our rooftop space to generate our own electricity. Now, a new kind of panel also allows people to make their own clean drinking water by filtering humidity from the air. A company called Zero Mass Water has developed a “hydropanel” called Source, which uses sunlight and air to collect and filter drinkable water. Curbed explains


GFX Heat-Exchangers – Re-use heat from greywater

An increasing amount of attention is being given to the important role heat exchangers perform in many applications. Heat exchangers have been used in commercial and industrial applications for some time; however, there are many heat streams overlooked, including the huge amount of energy being wasted through the drain plumbing systems. Can we afford


Water as Thermal Mass: Liquid Thermal Mass

Water has a volumetric heat capacity more than twice that of concrete, three times that of bricks and readily absorbs and releases its heat to the surrounding atmosphere. So we can absorb either twice as much heat as in the same volume of concrete or the same amount in only half the volume. There

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