Selected Projects

Kapita, Malawi Earthship

Construction of a community center in Malawi began in October 2013. Collaborating with Empower Malawi NGO, the Earthship Biotecture crew aimed to train, educate, and empower locals in implementing more sustainable building principles and lifestyles. Three rooms and a bathroom were completed during the crew’s first visit. In January 2015, the crew returned to

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Easter Island Music School

The Easter Island Earthship music school was initiated by a pair of native Rapa Nui musicians, Mahani Teave and Enrique Icka who wanted to create a sustainable facility for local children to take lessons in both classical and traditional music. The small, isolated island can be a difficult environment for young people and finding

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E.V.E. Earthship Village Ecologies

EVE is a planned high-density community where 25 people will live, work and grow their own food. Beyond Earthship solutions to power, water, sewage, and comfort, the EVE project addresses economics. This project is located on the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site. Michael Reynolds’ fight to get the law for this site passed

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