Puerto Rico

Please support Earthship Puerto Rico – Phase 6

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico.Since then, Biotecture Planet Earth has been finding ways of supporting a demonstration project of a sustainable and hurricane resistant Earthship in Puerto Rico, with no government or corporate support. DONATE NOW We

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Puerto Rico Earthship Embassy

We launched this project in February of 2018 in response to the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Our approach has been to team up with locals and off-islanders to create an example of autonomous architecture which provides security and self reliance. The building will serve as a community center focused on the education of sustainable

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After Maria, an ‘Earthship’ Rises in Puerto Rico

In western Puerto Rico, families and volunteers are building a low-tech, resilient haven out of earth, tires, and trash. A few years ago, Lauralina Melendez returned to her native Puerto Rico with her Venezuelan husband, Mario Atunez, and their two kids. They’d been living in San Francisco, and decided they wanted to connect to

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