New Mexico

E.V.E. Earthship Village Ecologies

EVE is a planned high-density community where 25 people will live, work and grow their own food. Beyond Earthship solutions to power, water, sewage, and comfort, the EVE project addresses economics. This project is located on the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site. Michael Reynolds’ fight to get the law for this site passed

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Encounter Earthship E1, Taos NM

The new ENCOUNTER model Earthship is continuing to evolve and we will be building its latest version in Taos, New Mexico this spring/summer. It is meant to function as well as the very successful global model but cost 30% less.

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Simple Survival Earthship, Taos NM

The Simple Survival Earthship is designed to provide comfortable shelter, clean water, contained sewage and basic solar power for lights and charging small electronics at a very low price. This building uses simple systems developed for the earthquake-relief demonstration project in Haiti. The Simple Survival Earthship may be built with one or more rooms

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Global Model ‘Truchas’ Earthship

The Global Earthship design performs in almost any climate around the world. The main features of this design include a double layer of glass (“double greenhouse”) between the inner living spaces and the outside and the use of underground cooling tubes and convection skylights which work together to provide ventilation and natural air conditioning

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Earthship Academy Classroom

the Earthship Biotecture Academy was founded in 2011 to provide an opportunity to learn Earthship design principles and construction methods in the classroom and in the field. Academy classes, labs, tours, and hands-on construction techniques are led by top Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers, and plant specialists.

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Three Earthship AirBnbs in Taos New Mexico

Encounter Earthship The Encounter Earthship is the latest OFFICIAL Model Earthship built by Earthship Biotecture and designed by Michael Reynolds. It ENCOUNTERS the phenomena of the planet creating an Earthship that is a state-of-the-art off-grid eco-friendly building with all the commodities of a conventional house and more. It is located in the Greater

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