Michael Reynolds Video Log for March 19, 2020

We are doing what a lot of people are doing around the world. We want to share our thoughts on how it is affecting the Earthship Company. We are seeing that because most of us live in Earthships, we are safe and secure but we do not produce enough food, so

Wild Flowers and Groomed Gardens

In the plant world there are many mountain valleys and rolling hills covered with wild flowers. Rampant uncontrolled with flowers herbs and more.. When humans became involved with plants we began to see structured, groomed gardens… also beautiful because it is hard for plants not to be beautiful. We appreciate both. In the human world there

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We have chickens because they give us eggs   We know a chicken comes to us if we have food We know a chicken ignores us if we do not have anything for them We know a chicken shits in its own food tray We know a chicken would start pecking and eating us  if

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