The evolutions of the UNITY floor plan are... direct egress from the bedrooms which make permitting easier; insulated drapes to seal off inner living spaces rather than glass which is more economical; simple "U" construction like original Earthships; no roof penetrations; electric snow melt; overall more user friendly construction and operation; and floor plan

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Inclusion / Exclusion Principle in a Human Situation

Let’s look at the inclusion/exclusion principle in a human situation. You are on a dark and lonely road in the New Mexico mountains. It is winter and the temperature is thirty degrees below zero and you have car trouble. You are completely stalled and in danger of freezing to death. By the way, you

Track to the Future

Trains are a good thing.  They gather up people and take them to places in a very efficient way.Trains have opened up continents and developed countries.There is nothing really wrong with trains...    except they can only go where there is track.If there is no track, the train does not go... it is not possible.The

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