The Next Step… To Get Your Earthship

After you have read and contemplated and understood the contents of this document you are ready for submitting your questions and site/climate/budget information to Earthship Biotecture. This is done by emailing  us... your name your address your phone number your site location; winter low temperature; summer high temperature; rainfall - annual precipitation data; any sun

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EVE: Earthship Village Ecologies

Rationale: Throughout the last forty years Earthship Biotecture has been working toward developing a fully sustainable prototype home that has a zero carbon footprint on the planet. We arrived at this in the early 2000’s and are still perfecting and refining it. We have a building prototype that harvests its own electricity and water;

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A look at the various models of Earthships

Earthship designs are constantly evolving because they are decentralized and many are built each year. This allows the constant evolution. We have many models in our history which all played their part in our on going evolution. We have presented here our favorite models which have very pragmatic reasons for being favorites. Climate and budget

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A look at you

You can effect the cost of your home radically by examining yourself to determine what you real needs are. We blame codes and regulations for the high price of new directions in housing and this is certainly part of it. The other part of the reason for homes costing so much is what individuals think

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A look at climate

There are only a few factors about climate that can discourage you from building in a location. One is precipitation. You should have at least five inches of total annual precipitation per year. If you do not then you should have a water table of less than sixty feet so you can pump with a

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A look at the location for your Earthship

Location is a serious factor in the whole process of acquiring an Earthship. We have seen the permit process cause people a lot of expense and time. In retrospect I would tell these people to choose some place else to live. The permit officials can make the drawing process more expensive and take longer and

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The Argument for Decentralization

A municipality raises tax money to build a coal fired power plant or a sewage treatment facility. There is a tremendous effort to raise funds for this project and this effort alone takes a lot of time - sometimes a few years. Then the facility has to be designed using the latest technology of the

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A look at the future

Observations on Earth in early 2011... How many people went to sleep tonight saddened and worried about the disaster in Japan. Saddened for the people who are suffering - worried about the deadly future that lies before all people due to nuclear power plants dotting the surface of the earth. How is it that legislative

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Earthship Education

The rock climber knows the top of the cliff exists. He/she has to learn the abilities necessary to get there ... and the dangers. Then the choice has to be made to attempt the climb... for whatever reason... adventure? challenge? practice?... or in some cases, there is a need to get to the top... to

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A look at the present

The present shows us that the future is going to require significant changes and evolutions from humanity for there even to be much of a future that involves humanity. The present shows people struggling to decide which direction to go from here. There is much discussion and rhetoric to this effect. One thing is for

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