Luxembourg Earthship Update

SETBACKS FOR LUXEMBOURG'S EARTHSHIP Construction of Luxembourg’s first off-grid learning centre made from repurposed material has been setback. But covid-19 is not the only cause. International volunteers and experts built the first supporting walls of the Aërdschëff in Redange-sur-Attert using tyres pounded with earth during the summer of 2019 and it was hoped that

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Tempelhof, Germany Earthship is Offgrid and AMAZING!

Inside Germany's extraordinary $332,000 'Earthship' house, which is made of 7,500 glass bottles and 1,300 car tires — and is completely self-sufficient. The house was built on a former goat pasture. A community of 20 people from Tempelhof, Germany are living in an "Earthship" that has been made completely out of upcycled materials.


European Volunteers Jump Aboard Luxembourg Earthship

A new chapter began on Monday for Luxembourg’s sustainable construction project, the Äerdschëff, when 20 volunteers started the ground work. Based on earthship principles, the project in Redange-sur-Attert in western Luxembourg will serve as a showcase for alternative and sustainable construction as well as a public education centre. Project team member Rodrigo Vergara described the


Earthship permission granted in Luxembourg

Authorities have greenlighted construction of Luxembourg’s first ever Earthship or “Äerdschëff”, planned for Redange/Attert. The project is being led by community and sustainability group Cell and aims to showcase alternative sustainable construction methods as well as enable people using the space to live autonomously. Posting on their Facebook page on Tuesday, the Earthship team