Encounter Earthship

The new ENCOUNTER model Earthship is continuing to evolve and we will be building its latest version in Taos, New Mexico this spring/summer. It is meant to function as well as the very successful global model but cost 30% less.

Encounter Earthship Construction Drawings Download

Day 6 Encounter Earthship Frontface Foundation, Cistern Tubes

Frontface tire foundation. Pound these tires with gravel, super tight. Check entire structure, that all walls rise level. Detail water tube to be connected to the cisterns and feed the Water Organizing Module. Use pipe for openings in foundation for waste water lines.

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Day 5 Encounter Earthship Thermal Wrap, Cisterns

Start the thermal wrap insulation when the fifth tire course is pounded. As the tire work goes up, be sure to use strong lines to keep the tire walls straight. Be sure to check the 1.5" batter per course. A 'squishy tire' will most likely be needed. Watch this video to see how to

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Day 4 Encounter Earthship Tire Walls & Cooling Tubes

pounding tires correctly, achieve proper compaction. batter tires 1.5" per course so the tire wall slightly leans into the earth berm. cooling tubes are set with their final angle and locked into the tire walls. cistern tubes are installed to go through the tire walls.   video live March 19, 9am

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Day 2 Encounter Earthship Building Layout

Start with a corner of the building, we are starting with the north-east corner. Place a piece of rebar and use construction string. Find the direction the building faces, in the northern hemisphere, a little east of south. Find the east-west dimension between the inside of the first course of tires. Measure from the

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