The new Encounter Model is meant to function as well as the very successful Global Model but costs less.
Quicker and easier construction details.

Encounter Earthship Construction Drawings Download

Earthship Encounter 1/4” model

Building an Earthship Encounter 1/4” model to help visualize future construction project. I used plans available on the Simple Survival app provided by Earthship biotecture. I began constructing this while quarantining at home during the Covid lock down. Finally ready to share. Enjoy!

Ashley Gauer, learns how to build an Earthship

MBEP’s climate change initiative lead, Ashley Gauer, learns how to build an Earthship Under any circumstances, pounding metal support rods, ramming dirt into old tires and digging trenches would be physically demanding. The dry, blazing heat of a New Mexico sun, with temperatures that can hover near triple digits, can turn the work into

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Encounter Earthship Field Study Progress

We are building in the Greater World Earthship Community here in Taos, New Mexico. This project is with our wonderful Field Study Earthship Academy Students. FIELD STUDY Students receive credit towards this requirement by participating in an official Earthship Biotecture Field Studies project. Field Study opportunities are intended to help further student’s knowledge of

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Encounter Earthship Staging

The new ENCOUNTER model Earthship is continuing to evolve and we will be building its latest version in Taos, New Mexico this spring/summer. It is meant to function as well as the very successful global model but cost 30% less. Staging images of the Encounter Earthship Design. Earthship Biotecture is building now, August - October, 2020. This

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E3 Encounter Earthship Progress Images

Studio, One Bed, Two bed, Three Bed. Off-grid, zero fossil-fuels – all modern amenities. Solar Electricity, Catch Water, Contained Waste Water Treatment, Passive Solar, Thermal Dynamics. Modern Appliances and Modern Living. Clothes washer and dryer. Electric cooking (can have natural gas or liquid propane). This Encounter Earthship is available to buy. Printed Encounter Construction Drawings

Amazing Earthship Video with Drone Footage

New Earthships capture more energy, water & food at lower cost by Kirsten Dirksen on July 13, 2020 With walls made from old tires packed with earth, as well as upcycled glass bottles and cans, Earthships have always been built with mainly found materials. The home provides its own energy (with photovoltaics

Day 6 Encounter Earthship Frontface Foundation, Cistern Tubes

Frontface tire foundation. Pound these tires with gravel, super tight. Check entire structure, that all walls rise level. Detail water tube to be connected to the cisterns and feed the Water Organizing Module. Use pipe for openings in foundation for waste water lines.

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