Earthship Biotecture Treatise

* To reduce the economic and institutional barriers between humans and their habitat. * To reverse the overall negative effect that conventional human housing has on this planet. * To create a less stressful plane of existence for humans in an effort to reduce the stress that they in turn place on the planet and each other. * To interface economics

Decentralized Power Utilities with Solar and Battery Backup

To the editor: I recently installed a modest rooftop solar electricity system, motivated by the long-term payback, rising utility rates and the 26% federal tax credit. (“Here’s how California can keep the lights on while meeting its clean energy goals,” Aug. 19) My utility does not appear to share my enthusiasm. It wanted $1,000

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A Lithium-Ion Battery Primer

Lithium batteries are on a lot of people’s minds these days. Lithium battery technology allows for smaller and lighter battery banks, very low maintenance, greater depth of discharge compared to lead acid batteries, and much longer cycle life.  Lithium is the lightest of all elemental metals, has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides the


Organic Solar Cells meet a major Milestone

Chinese researchers have taken what they say is a major step forward for the development of a new generation of solar cells. Manufacturers have long used silicon to make solar panels because the material was the most efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. But organic photovoltaics, made from carbon and plastic, promise a cheaper


Micro-Hydro Power – Pros and Cons

Small-scale micro hydro power is both an efficient and reliable form of energy, most of the time. However, there are certain disadvantages that should be considered before constructing a small hydro power system. It is crucial to have a grasp of the potential energy benefits as well as the limitations of hydro technology. There

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RV Off-grid Power System Upgrade 12 Volt System

Upgrading My RV Battery Bank and 12 Volt System A LITTLE OF MY RIGS BATTERY HISTORY When we bought our 30 foot Keystone Cougar fifth wheel new it came with one preinstalled deep cycle battery rated at 85 ampere hours. Having camped for many years in a campervan with a similar sized coach battery,


What is the advantage of a 24v system over a 12v system?

You can get much bigger inverters on 24V or 48V than 12V. There are a number advantages in opting for a higher DC supply voltage. - For any given load, half the DC current and losses are down by ¼. Reduced fire risk. - Better input regulation. 0.5v line drop at 12v = 4.6%


This new Tesla battery will power your home, and maybe the electric grid too

Tesla is working on a battery that can power your home and even help large-scale utilities store energy more efficiently, according to company chief executive Elon Musk. On an investor call Wednesday, Musk said the designs for a home or business battery are already complete and will likely be unveiled to the public “in

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