EVE Part 5 – Earthship Village Ecologies

REDUCTION OF CO2 FOOTPRINT : Another issue that is often coming into play in conventional building these days is freight;  the shipping of materials from China to the US or from Taiwan to the US or even Oregon to New Mexico is being viewed as an energy waste and a CO2 impact. We should

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EVE Part 4 – Earthship Village Ecologies

GLOBAL MODEL FOR A GOOD VIRUS: I am hoping that we can do this on multiple formats throughout the world and that it will make such a statement that global regions like Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas will look at this possibility... neighboring, sustainable, independent villages that constitute a town or a city.   

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EVE Part 3 – Earthship Village Ecologies

ESCAPE FROM ECONOMY: In late 2008 and early 2009 the economic crisis became so significant that it, however shallow, had begun to overshadow even the climate crisis. The EVE projects will address the circumstances of people living in harmony with the planet and with each other, but we will be much more independent of

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EVE Part 2 – Earthship Village Ecologies

MECHANISM: After years of lobbying, we finally got the Sustainable Development Testing Sites Act passed in New Mexico in 2007.  This piece of legislation allows testing of housing and living methods in day-to-day living circumstances, with real people, outside the encumbrance of conventional living concepts, codes and regulations.   Special race tracks are used

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EVE Part 1 – Earthship Village Ecologies

RATIONALE: Throughout the last fifty years Earthship Biotecture has been working toward developing a fully sustainable prototype home that has a zero carbon footprint on the planet.  We arrived at this in the early 2000’s and are still refining it. We have a building prototype that harvests its own electricity and water; contains and

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How to Make Your Town more Sustainable

1: START A TRANSITION GROUP "There's a really good guide that we created called 'The Essential Guide to Doing Transition'. It's free and is a simple starter kit where we've tried to distill everything that we've learned from 12 years of this experiment. Just get a few people together, watch a couple of good

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