Earthship Encounter 1/4” model

Building an Earthship Encounter 1/4” model to help visualize future construction project. I used plans available on the Simple Survival app provided by Earthship biotecture. I began constructing this while quarantining at home during the Covid lock down. Finally ready to share. Enjoy!

Independent Study: Jacqueline Topete 2020

Description of Project  Earthship Inspired Restaurant and Shop located in San Ignacio, Nayarit, México. This little town is located 1 km away from the chic trendy town of Sayulita that receives tourists from all over the world. Proposed Beneficiaries The restaurant will be run by Jacqueline Topete and will give service to locals and

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Independent Study: Earthship Survey – By: Ian Watson

I was first introduced to Earthships in 2015. At the time I remember thinking they looked a bit like spaceships but didn’t give them much thought otherwise. Fast forward to 2018. I had recently closed my solar water heating business and was focused on a new business auctioning used goods. The new business was

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California Earthship Cabin by Taylor & Steph Bode

A 560 square feet earthship home in The Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Hey guys! We’re Taylor and Steph Bode. In early 2013, we set out on an adventure to find land in California where we could build an Earthship-inspired cabin for ourselves. We had been studying Earthships in Taos, NM and made it

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