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Earthship Academy Sessions

The Earthship Academy offers extensive training in Earthship design principles, philosophy and construction.
Classes, lectures, labs, tours and hands-on building exercises are led by experienced Earthship instructors.

Field Study in Taos, NM, USA

August 17 - September 11

Online Earthship Academy

October 1 - December 31

Earthship Academy Session 6

November 2 - November 27

Online Earthship webinars every week.

Presented by Earthship builders and engineers.

Permitting, Construction, systems, movies and more. Learn and Ask questions.

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Introducing: The Earthship App

iOS and Android
A digital archive designed to assist owner-builders and Earthship enthusiasts
in researching and planning to build an Earthship.
Unlimited or pay-per-download access to construction drawings, material lists, videos and more!

earthship mobile app
earthship mobile app
earthship global mobile app
earthship global mobile app
earthship global mobile app
earthship global mobile app
earthship global mobile app

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New Beginnings

We've been growing Earthship Biotecture for 50 years. Literally speaking, we "grow" buildings that help to "grow" people. Most who know, consider Earthships as a kind of social reform, helping to change perspectives on how

July 8th, 2020|

Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Biotecture provides sustainable offgrid buildings for residential, commercial and government use. We are specialists in Modern Off-Grid Designs, Systems and Construction.