NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s cool and quirky and it’s right here in New Mexico. If you’re looking for a unique getaway during the pandemic you can stay in your very own earthship. It’s a way to live in luxury, completely off the grid, with amazing views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and you can experience it all when you book a stay in the earthship community near Taos.

“It’s a nice little unit that’s close to town and it does open people’s eyes to the very beginning of the concept that we call the Earthship concept,” says founder Michael Reynolds.

New Mexico’s first earth ship was built back in 1979. “It is the first building that was made out of tires earth ram tires that captured the sun and began trying to heat itself,” Reynolds says.

Since then, Reynolds has been upgrading and improving it for people who rent it out. “It’s like a Model-T against a BMW you know it’s an old model but it does run down the road,” Reynolds says.

The original earthship is now listed on Airbnb. “We cleaned it up and made it all cute and it works, it works pretty good,” says Reynolds. He says earthship addresses basic human needs like electricity, shelter, food, all in a sustainable way. He’s since built hundreds of them all over the world. “The earth kind of embraces the building we build it in the ground or we bring the earth up around it,” Reynolds says.

He says reservations fill up fast and guests typically leave moved by the experience. “Now they just go I can’t believe this is possible this is unbelievable,” Reynolds says. Inside the earthship, it stays a consistent 70 degrees no matter what the weather conditions are outside.