We’ve been growing Earthship Biotecture for 50 years. Literally speaking, we “grow” buildings that help to “grow” people. Most who know, consider Earthships as a kind of social reform, helping to change perspectives on how people can live. Not only live but THRIVE. 

We empower people by teaching them how to build their own off-grid homes. Setting them FREE from bureaucratically tyranny. But we also teach people how to grow their own food. Possibly one of the simplest forms of radical self-reliance. 

This year, with everything that’s going on that has revealed to us how BROKEN our systems are, we are re-dedicating ourselves to the production of food in our greenhouses. Starting right here at the Greater World Community, we are reducing the numbers of ornamentals in our greywater planters and upping food producing plants, just to show the world just how much one Earthship can yield. 

This blog post marks the renewed commitment of myself (Emily Johnston) and other sailors here on the S.S Earthship to becoming greenhouse farmers so that we can prove you don’t need to go to the grocery store when you have a house that feeds you. 

Stay Tuned!