Michael Reynolds, Earthship Creator / Garbage Warrior will be interviewed live on September 22. Master Earthship Biotect, Phil Basehart will conduct the interview. We look forward to a lively event as we talk about how we got here, what Earthship Models played a significant part in the evolution of the Earthship concept and where we look to go into the future as we strive to secure self-sufficient housing for the people.

Submit your questions for Michael Reynolds below and plan to attend on September 22 at 11am.

This is a FREE Event.

Earthship Biotecture

* To reduce the economic and institutional barriers between humans and their habitat.

* To reverse the overall negative effect that conventional human housing has on this planet.

* To create a less stressful plane of existence for humans in an effort to reduce the stress that they in turn place on the planet and each other.

* To interface economics and ecology in a way that immediately and tangibly affects current pressing problems with life on earth.

* To provide a direction for those who want to live in peace with each other and their environment.

* To empower individuals with the unarguable forces of nature as opposed to incapacitating them with the smothering forces of politics and bureaucracy.

* To find & distribute the appropriate soil from which the flower of humanity can blossom.

* To evolve humanity into an earthen harmony already exemplified by more evolved structures such as plants, animals and water

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