Earthship Biotecture Academy partners with Western Colorado University’s two-year Master in Environmental Management graduate degree.  Participants in the academy can also earn undergraduate credit to be applied to their bachelor’s degrees in universities across the world.  In addition, AmeriCorps volunteers can apply their Segal Education Award to attending the Earthship Biotecture Academy.

Dr. Jessica Young and Dr. Scott Borden introduce an exciting partnership between the School of Environment and Sustainability, Western’s Master in Environmental Management, and the Earthship Biotecture Academy.

Earn a Master in Environmental Management degree!   

You can incorporate your academy experience, independent study and field experience into a second-year master’s project.  Join students from over 30 different majors in a network of global sustainability practitioners in one of the three tracks:  Global Sustainability, Integrative and Public Land Management, and Sustainable and Resilient Communities.  This two-year, project-based degree can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Earn undergraduate credit and apply it to your degree back home!  Fill out this application and email it to: at Western Colorado University for further.  

Please call 970-943-2889 with any questions. 

AmeriCorps Segal Awards and other Fellowships

Western’s Master in Environmental Management provides a competitive fellowship which matches the Segal Education Award for up to five graduate students every year.  In addition, students in the global sustainability or sustainable and resilience communities track working toward incorporating Earthship principles and academy experiences into their program are considered for an Earthship Academy Biotecture Fellowship of up to $5,000.  You can also use your AmeriCorps Segal Awards to attend the academy and receive undergraduate credit as well.  For more information, please click below