Earthship communities in Kinglake, Victoria, in the aftermath of the Black Saturday firestorm.

If you’re interested in this project & earthships in Australia you can get in touch with us as we run these projects… Agari Permaculture Farm.

Come and be a part of the Kinglake Earthship build, learn sustainable design techniques and take away practical skills. Kinglake Earthship is Victoria’s first council approved Earthship designed specifically to survive bushfire threat using reclaimed/ recycled & natural materials.

Project Managers
Daryl Taylor
 has won 17 national and state awards for community and organisational development.
Dani Wolff-Chambers leads Agari Permaculture Farm.







Earthship design techniques
• Passive solar design
• Cob making & application
• Educational guided walk through Earthship
• Walk through the timber tiny houses
Earth & lime plasters theory & application
• Healthy homes, benefits of clay
• Natural paints & oxides
• Natural waterproofing