If you like the idea of living in tiny houses off the grid or if you’re an avid supporter of the tiny house movement, then you’ll love everything about earthship designs. One mini house at the Terra Perma Eco Resort in Quebec is structured to look and function much like a traditional earthship. Earthships are passive, solar houses that are comprised of both upcycled and natural materials. These can include wood, tires that have been packed with earth, and more. This project was pioneered by Michael Reynolds, an innovative architect and a professional who truly believes in the core values of the tiny house movement. Earthships are designed to function either entirely off the grid or with limited reliance upon fossil fuels and public utilities. At its interior, this mini house is both aesthetically pleasing and capable of meeting a vast range of needs. Like many other tiny houses off the grid, this mini house is rch with reclaimed materials and a number of articles that have been creatively repurposed. For instance, as you tour this mini house, you’ll find an eye-catching wall that’s been decorated with recycled bottles. When it comes to designing tiny houses off the grid, windows play an important role in providing both natural light and heat. With this mini house, tiny house movement supporters will find floor to ceiling windows that are south facing.

tiny earthship

This unit was largely built to function as a home away from home. As with many tiny houses off the grid, this one is constructed of recycled tires that have been packed with earth and then strategically stacked to form a semi-circle. All total, the structure contains more than 200 recycled tires. This was then backfilled or covered with earth to produce a special, thermal mass that’s capable of storing solar energy. Due to its construct, this mini house has the ability to maintain a relatively stable temperature all throughout the year. To help keep temperature fluctuations at bay, there is also a wood stove within this mini house along with a radiant floor system. Throughout the cooler months of winter, this in-floor heating equipment will keep tiny house supporters in a truly comfortable condition. Moreover, the mini house also boasts a very low-tech AC system that basically cools down the living environment by circulating the indoor air through a buried pipe that travels through the earth.

Rainwater collection has been optimized for this mini house through the addition of an angled, metal roof. The mini house roof additionally has an overhang that shades and shelters the front of the unit to prevent overheating throughout the summer months. Situated just behind the unit, there is a 1000 watt system that runs on solar power. This delivers energy to the electrical outlets throughout the mini house, the in-floor heater, the lights, the air pump, and more. Unfortunately, however, this earthship does not have a shower or a toilet. There is, however, an outhouse toilet that die-hard tiny house movement supporters can use. There’s also a communal shower block in the facility that is designed to accommodate all of the eco-lodges throughout the Terma Perma retreat. While this mini house is certainly not your typical small house design, it is definitely appealing. Many members of the tiny house movement are highly interested in lowering their carbon footprints, reducing their reliance upon municipally supplied utilities and living simpler, and far more natural lives overall. Purchasing tiny houses off the grid is one of the first and most important steps towards reaching these goals. This unit shows that it’s possible to comfortably maintain a sustainable lifestyle, especially when members of the tiny house movement situate their mini house designs in comprehensive, eco-communities.