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    Hi all, I went to the April 2013 Academy (I think…) and many of you know me by my middle name Keenan. 

    I’ve been frustrated with the spam and censorship on FB and I love this idea of having an independent forum for  the Earthship Community!

    Since Earthship Academy, I’ve been building away in VT; some seasons with help, and many by myself.

    As things have developed over time, plans have changed, and from the first weeks of building, the project has seemed to get a life of its own, with me along for the ride. 

    From a simple earthship-inspired greenhouse, to a (extremely) simple survival structure to get me through the first winter, to a home for a family of 3, to an off-grid community center, to a castle, to the capital and territory of a lawful sovereign state (Allodium) empowering a cooperative of sovereigns with an abundance-based blockchain monetary system, independent judiciary, and fully funded foundation running off of flower-power…

    I am currently studying constitutional law while trimming in the winter months and keeping the community of creatures here warm. 

    Opportunities abound for anyone resonant with these ideas, and more info is available at allodium.is , though web site/tech stuff is a struggle for me, and I’d much rather talk/message directly with anyone who would like to network! 

    I’m also looking forward to doing a sanctioned build soon and meeting more individuals in this community and learning more from the pros! All in due time :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)