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    Let’s start a networking thread for New Mexico! If you’re based in New Mexico, please share your name, location, and anything you want us to know about you (skills, how you’re willing to help, projects, how we can help you).
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    Name: Stanley Yuen
    Location: Taos, New Mexico

    I’m currently working with a few friends on developing a homestead on the Taos mesa. We have plans to build our first Earthship Encounter in mid-2020. Please message me if you want to join our build!

    I’m grinding through the permitting and planning process now, so I guess I’m getting pretty good at that.

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    Hello, Stanley!
    We have a lot near Pie Town, New Mexico. We’re planning a build sometime in the near future. I have the initial permit application
    but, have not sent it in because I know that it’s only good for a year!

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