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    I see the forum is coming along! I think the upgrades to the website and what not will be a big benefit to many in the future. Looking forward to supporting the Philadelphia project over the next few years!

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    While I realize this is for the Philadelphia Project, but because I am doing the same thing, Gathering And Securing Materials, I’ve listed it here; plz let me know if this is a good spot or if you plan to move it.

    Currently, I am G&S’ing materials for a property that I am improving in Cleveland, Texas on 1.5-Acres of flat cleared land. I have installed a gate for access after paying of the initial price of the land. (four months)

    My challenge this week is it install a water pump and Septic system, as well as the two-100’X20′ hoop houses that I have purchased to provide food. I am growing fish, prawns, and vegetables in a closed-loop Aquaponics floating bed system composed of 2-5,000-gal tanks to grow approx. 425 pounds of vegetable matter in the floating beds for the people involved in my retirement endeavor. Additionally, we’ll have worms and worm casing for sale since it is one of the by-products of the bicycle.

    Today, I am purchasing the 2,400-Gal/day Solar water pump from RPC and a Puxin Biogas Generator, and a solar array pwr station, which will help to supplement our income in fertilizer sales as well, from the biowaste from the land and the gardens. My greatest challenge at this point is the soil engineer who still doesn’t have the soil report finished. #@%$A$%D!

    I am installing the shop space prior to the dwelling to allow me to store the necessary tools and lodging for us, while we work on developing our skills in Cob manufacturing and application. The 1st building on the property will be a 40’X25′ RV garage, made of Strawbale with a post and Beam metal roof that will collect 50-gal. of water through condensation, daily.

    Our dwelling is still under design, I plan un using strawbales and tires as well as bottles, cob, cans, and anything else that can be repurposed to follow the lessons of Mr. Reynolds Biotecture’s philosophy. I have been planning this since I was 19-yrs old and first worked on a passive solar home in Parker, CO; as an electrician, back in 1979 for two married professors from the University of Colo, Boulder. I am 62 now and finally have the resources available and the support as well.

    I hope that I am doing this correctly, food and water first, then the sanitation, and the dwelling.

    I’ve included the design concept of our dwelling that I am working on and one of the prototype gardens that I am currently developing to better understand the Biocultural aspects of closed-loop aquaponics farming. Texas A&M has been EXTREMELY helpful in this process, at no charge, as well as my Paleo suppliers here, who have been mentoring me in Bioculture Farming (fish farming)

    My business plan is based loosely on Justin Stone’s Urban Farming book, which shows the capability of creating an income on less than an acre of rented land in an urban environment.

    I’ve recently gone to Giddings, TX where the Stewabale Assoc. of Texas is helping to build a family home on 300-acres made of strawbale. I’ve mentioned your website in passing, since they had no idea about it, but had heard of Earthships, not Mike! Wow.

    Their Architect is a para-architect who must have a certified Architect sign off her designs, that do not seem lacking in their context. She’s been doing this for fifteen years now. Her general contractor is a competent fellow, who happily accepts the volunteer help and is open to ideas for improved installation techniques in straw baling, and technology, such as the Biogas Generator.

    I am still looking for an Architect to certify my designs, once finished so I can present them to the County and my Insurance company. I look forward to anyone’s content, especially those of this site, as your information is what drives my desire to live low carbon and in sync with natural laws rather than man’s attempt to do so with advanced technologies that create a large carbon footprint.

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