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    I don’t know how many of you recognize my name; but I participated in the Earthship Island build in Indonesia in November 2016 and am an Alumni of the November 2017 Academy. For those of you who do not recognize my name, I was planning to build an Earthship (Inspired) dwelling in Mongolia (where I now live). That is still going to happen! In fact, it has already started. I began working on it last year, from August to November. I was able to complete seven layers of the tire walls before it got too cold to work outside.

    I am sending out this invitation to any and all who would like to join me in the continuation (and hopefully, completion) of said Earthship, anytime between April and November of this year. You can pick the dates and period of time that works best for you. This is probably the only time in your life that you would ever even think of coming to a country like Mongolia… especially, way out in the western part of the country where I live ;-)

    This is going to be my “Independent Study”; and the way I envision this volunteer opportunity for you is: you pay for your trip here and back, and I let you stay in an original Mongolian ger on my property (what most of you know as a “yurt”) {or you can bring a tent and camp out on my property, if you want?!} and I feed you during your helpful stay.
    Mind you, Mongolia is not “vegetarian friendly”, nor is it conducive for those who are lactose intolerant or gluten free. It is possible to find foods that will match these requirements, but it is not cheap or easy. The typical Mongolian diet consists of mostly meat, bread and milk products. But, I do a lot of my own cooking, so there will be a plethora of “international” meals during your stay (will traditional Mongolian meals every other day or so, when my wife cooks).

    If you are interested in taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to, and build an Earthship in Mongolia, please e-mail me at: oort37cloud78@yahoo.com and I’ll give you all the details you could possibly need.

    I would love to meet you (or, see you again) and, could use the help.

    Your Earthship Inspired Friend,


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    Did you finish your build? Post some Pics!:-)

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