DUV-LEDs can enable novel light sources with new wavelengths which are not available with the existing light sources.
Nikkiso’s UV-LEDs can meet the needs of various applications.

Expected Applications for DUV-LEDs

DUV-LED product lines cover wavelength from 255nm to 350nm.
New light sources can be produced with wavelengths not available previously.

Light sources will be developed by leveraging the advantages of LEDs, including smaller packages, lower driving voltage, easy control of output, rapid modulation, etc.

Expected Applications for DUV-LEDs
Expected Applications for DUV-LEDs

Environmental field

Nikkiso will design DUV irradiation modules for each sterilization application and will provide more effective sterilization solutions.


DNA has the maximum absorption of DUV-LED light with wavelength between 260nm and 270nm. A cell is mutated with the irradiation of UV light with the above wavelength, which will cause functional defects such as cell division inhibition. This wavelength is effective against almost all bacteria and many viruses as well.

Water & Sewage Services

  • Disinfection of draining
  • Countermeasure against Cryptosporidium

Food & beverage Factory

  • Sterilization of water used in factory
  • Sterilization of water used to wash bottles and manufacturing equipment
  • Sterilization of containers and wrapping materials

Aquaculture Facility

  • Sterilization of deep sea water

Choice of suitable wavelengths of UV light brings new solutions for inspection and measurement.

Inspection, Measurement

Detection, concentration, density, and other features of a sample substance can be measured by using UV absorption or transparency of the sample.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Water quality analyzer
  • Exhaust gas measurement

Biotechnology (measurement)

  • Biomedical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

DUV-LEDs will provide better solutions for environments with suitable wavelength for chemical decomposition and irradiation modules

Decomposition of chemical materials

Organic substances can be decomposed and eliminated by photoreactions.
Photocatalyst accelerate decomposition reactions.

Air Purification

  • Ventilation in plant
  • Indoor Air Purification System
  • Elimination of volatile organic compounds.
Expected Applications for DUV-LEDsExpected Applications for DUV-LEDsExpected Applications for DUV-LEDs

Medical and Life Sience field

DUV-LEDs with appropriate wavelengths can provide medical treatment with minimum impact to human body.


DUV-LEDs can be used for not only sterilization of medical devices but also for treatment of dermatological diseases like vitiligo, psoriasis etc by controlling the immune system with irradiation at an appropriate wavelength.
DUV-LEDs can also used for measurement of fineness and concentration of DNAs and proteins.

Examples of Applications

Plant, Hospital

  • Production of pure water
  • Concentration measurement of excreted biological materials
  • Analysis of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate (NADH)


  • Medical treatment of dermatological diseases


  • Structure and concentration measurement of protein
  • Structure and concentration measurement of DNA

Industrial field

DUV-LEDs offer an optimal solution for various industrial applications requiring high power and a selection of different wavelengths.

Resin Curing, Adhesives, Printing

Photosensitive resins start polymerization and then cure in polymers when irradiated with DUV-LEDs. DUV-LEDs are suitable for manufacturing of heat sensitive materials.

Photosensitive resins start polymerization

Resin Curing, Adhesives

Optical pick-up for PCs
Lenses of digital cameras for mobile phones

Anti-corrosion coatings for rust
Painting of wood work
Hard coating of lenses
Hard coating of resin products

Printer ink curing
Patternization of electric circuit