Youth Earthship Academy

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We are now teaching students between the ages of 16 and 20!

We are very proud of all the youth that decided to come out last summer to learn how to build their own Earthships!

Youth Earthship Academy

If you are under 20 years old, you can still come and learn to build.

The program costs $ 1250 USD for the two weeks, including housing on our Earthship Campus.

Youth Academy

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youth earthship academy
youth earthship academy

At the Earthship Academy, every builder is also a qualified instructor striving to give you the best experience. Our staff are people from very different backgrounds, countries, cultures andhalfg of the team are women./ We supervise, guide and help students all the time. 

Hands-on Training

Academy students spend half of their time learning and working on Earthship construction projects. For this sessions that takes place in Taos, New Mexico, students work on multiple projects at the Greater World Earthship Community and in the Taos area.

Classes on Power Tools Use and Safety, Earthship Layout and help students navigate the construction site confidently and effectively. Hands-on classes are taught with the assumption of no prior knowledge.

The skills gained during the hands-on portion of the Academy sessions is invaluable.

Classroom Instruction

The other half of the time is spent in the classroom. We offer a variety of classes surrounding both the methodology and theory of the Earthship concepts. Some of these classes include:

– Water Harvesting

– Building with Natural and Re-purposed Materials

– The Power Organising Module

– Earthship History

– Building Grey and Black Water Systems

– And much more!

Earthship Academy Graduation Requirements:

ACADEMY SESSION: Complete an Academy Session in Taos or a Global Session (95% attendance in the classroom and participation in hands-on work as well as a passing grade on the Final Exam are required).

FIELD STUDY: Students receive credit towards this requirement by participating in an official Earthship Biotecture Field Study project. Field Study opportunities are intended to help further student’s knowledge of hands-on building techniques by inviting them to work alongside the Earthship Crew on a new build. We usually offer 2 to 3 Field Studies per year in the US and internationally.  Projects range in duration from 2-8 weeks for Field Studies, and students are responsible for their own transportation, food, and lodging.

INDEPENDENT STUDY: The Independent Study may take place anywhere in the world and may be concrete (launching a demonstration project in China, staging and facilitating a relief project in Haiti) or digital (designing a CAD model of an Earthship city in Turkey, mapping Pockets of Freedom in Australia). Students may propose their Independent Study after they complete the Academy Session and Field Study requirements. Independent Studies must receive written approval from Academy Staff and are subject to review to qualify for credit.


Classes will be very similar to the regular Earthship Academy, and you will also get labs and tours of the Earthship community.

Hands on work will be closely supervised and we will have a power tool training on the first day on the jobsite.

Please note that food is NOT included. Also, you will have to find your own transportation to the Earthship community in Tres Piedras, New Mexico, USA one day before the start of the program to be ready on August 3rd. All our housing units have fully equipped kitchens and there are grocery stores in Taos, a 20 minute drive from the community.

Please also note that we have a no refund policy, but in the event you cannot attend,
our credit can be transferred to any other program or product within the company for up to two years.