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We are offering our first not for profit academy session on the Haitian island of La Gonave. 
Students will learn, along side locals, the six Earthship principles in class and in the field.
Make a donation and get some excellent Earthship Items. Donate a specific amount and we will contact you for details.
$400 – Earthship Construction Drawings Set.
$300 – Online Earthship Academy Session (limited to 4 spots)
$150 – Earthship Consultation
$100 – Earthship Membership (lifetime)
* shipping on drawings not included.
This project is an Academy, but we are opening half of the spots for people wishing to do their Field Study. However, this is STRICTLY for people having completed their STEP 1 already. 
COST: $ 1500 USD with free camping, water and lunches included.

The school has been in session for eight years and has always lacked an appropriate classroom. We will build an example of self reliance which will also be hurricane and earthquake resistant. This example will help to  educate local children for decades to come.

Both children and teachers are struggling to learn in their current environment and would be so happy to have a real school to study!

Also, part of your tuition fee is going to sponsor local adults to learn how to build. They will attend the Academy with you and help building the school. This is a total win win situation for everyone!

Podcast: Earthships and Haiti: Past, Present, and Future

This webinar is focused on Earthship Biotecture’s projects in Haiti. Team leader, master earthship builder, Phil Basehart goes in depth about how we work with the Haitian community and build structures there in the past, what we are doing presently with a Haitian primary school, and our goals for the future within Haiti.

December 11th, 2020|