Another issue that is often coming into play in conventional building these days is freight;  the shipping of materials from China to the US or from Taiwan to the US or even Oregon to New Mexico is being viewed as an energy waste and a CO2 impact. We should be building with materials that are all from within one hundred miles of the place they are used, regardless of whether they are manufactured materials or recycled/repurposed materials.  

The same is true for food. It is ridiculous to buy food grown hundreds of miles away.  That is, again, an energy waste and a CO2 impact. We can grow everything in the Earthship homes that you can grow anywhere in any tropical climate. That eliminates freight.  E.V.E. will eliminate the giant carbon footprint of a banana from another continent or a building product from across the country. We will harvest all kinds of foods from E.V.E. projects and gather building products from the “garbage” of nearby towns and cities.  You take our E.V.E grown food product and put it right next to the same item that came from thousands of miles away in your local grocery store and you have no carbon footprint on one and a giant carbon footprint on the other. The same is true of a building product.  The village produces what it needs and maybe trades with other villages near by. The strength is in the independence from centralized utilities and food production. There will be an inherent “insignificant economy”  that is woven into the natural phenomena that already exist on the Earth.


So the E.V.E. project is about all of these things, power, water, sewage, food, recycled materials and… the resulting insignificant economy.  The E.V.E project is a way to live that is more like what I would call direct living… direct soft impact living. It puts people in a position where they can relate to the economy as if it were a swimming pool that they can dive into for a swim if they want to, but when they want to get out, their life is out of the swimming pool and remote from it and not dependent on it.  Swimming in the economy is a game, it’s a recreation, it should not be the thingbetween us and life. That is a big part of what the E.V.E project is all about… evolution beyond economics made possible through a living vessel that provides all of the essentials and has no carbon footprint.


E.V.E. …this cluster of a colonies of people living on remote lands will be seething, intense hives of human activity that will be on display, to some extent.  It’s not going to be luxurious in the conventional sense, but it will be magnetic in terms of pulling in energy from congruent quadrants of logical thinking.    

“Living simply so that others may simply live.”   


The less we have, the less we have to maintain. This leaves us time to find truth.

The EVE colonies will be not unlike manned space stations positioned around the remote and unpopulated regions of the Earth. They will allow exploration, development and experimentation toward a fully different approach to life on this planet for the purpose of finding out where we, the conscious ones, the intelligent ones, the ones who have placed ourselves higher and more worthy than all the other creatures, have gone astray with regard to how to maintain existence on the Earth.


Are consciousness and intelligence traps that led us away from nature itself?  Can we really be conscious as a single being without being conscious of all that lives?  Can we really be intelligent beings without being aware of the intelligence that created all beings?  Is this our problem… the fact that we have placed ourselves “separate and above” instead of “equal and a part of” and thus isolating our pathetic mini consciousness into little more than a puss filled pimple aware of itself while not even aware of the face it is on?  Is it not the Earth but rather humanity instead that needs healing? Can we find the humility to be healed; to find the truth? The search for this truth is the purpose of… Earthship Village Ecologies.