I am hoping that we can do this on multiple formats throughout the world and that it will make such a statement that global regions like Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas will look at this possibility… neighboring, sustainable, independent villages that constitute a town or a city.   


It’s not about making anybody rich. It is not about tax dollars.  It’s about the sustenance of people. If governments all over the world subsidized methods of people taking care of themselves in carbon zero village formats instead of subsidizing wars over resources, than we could walk out of jeopardy and into a long lasting peace on earth. Currently, since sustenance depends on a functional economy, we have people all over the world who are starving;  don’t have enough water; have no shelter; and live in constant stress and misery. This affects the global ambiance. Now it’s even happening in the US. Homelessness is more severe than ever. There are tent cities. Just desperate people, like any one of us, who used to have a life. Then all of the sudden they lost their jobs and their mortgage and consequently their life.  


Life should not float on an economy.  Life should have it’s own wings.


E.V.E. can provide those wings to all people.


So every step of this EVE project is about learning to live without dependence on any other systems…  political, economic or utilitarian. The village is the system. It can be replicated and grouped with other similar villages to become a town.  This can happen on a larger scale with many villages becoming a city. Then it can happen on a country or a global scale; but it starts with sustainable villages that provide for themselves via the Earthship concepts that have already proven themselves to be able to stand alone.   E.V.E. is a petri dish for the development of a good virus.


We are talking about eliminating the stress of living for people and the planet.   If countries make their first priority providing people with the knowledge of how to provide for themselves in a village circumstance, then the people’s livelihood will not be subject to the ups and downs of the economy.  All the thinking and energy goes towards evolving the village toward the care of its people and planet. The Native Americans taught their children how to survive on the Earth. The E.V.E. project will present to people the knowledge of how to survive in a situation that does not depend on the economy, politics, or fossil fuels.