In late 2008 and early 2009 the economic crisis became so significant that it, however shallow, had begun to overshadow even the climate crisis. The EVE projects will address the circumstances of people living in harmony with the planet and with each other, but we will be much more independent of the global economy, and thus not nearly as dependent on it.  These villages will aim to finance themselves. We already make buildings that produce their own power, harvest their own water and heat and cool themselves, so there will be no utility or infrastructure expense. We’re building with 45% recycled components, so that eliminates some of the cost of new materials. We, Earthship Biotecture, have a growing number of interns coming to learn the methods of Biotecture living. We will use this small army to launch the EVE projects. This will result in very affordable housing for these people. The interns that work on EVE projects will live at EVE projects. They will be eating food from the planters of the buildings they live in. They will be using water from the sky there.  They will be using electricity from the sun and wind. They will be using the toilets there and taking showers and making the plants grow from their own waste water. EVE projects will be self-contained systems based on the six design principles of the Earthship concept.  









EVE projects will address the issues people need for sustenance. What we are trying to do here is illustrate that… the sustenance of people (shelter, water, energy, sewage, food and comfort) should not be subject to an economy.  


The economy is a game.  This game should be about non-essential things (motorcycles, gadgets, televisions).  A person feeding their family, staying alive, having shelter…  

this should not be subject to an economy.    

We should have truly sustainable villages that  provide a life independent of the economy… and what better way to create them than to have a building prototype that doesn’t need any utilities, produces food, is made of recycled materials and is easy enough to build that even completely unskilled people can do it. The whole EVE concept embodies an education that can be shared around the world.  People can come for short or long periods of time, live in EVE villages with very low rent, and everything else is provided. They can eat there, they can drink there, they will have all of the basic essentials of life there. We can have flat screen TVs and high speed internet which are essential to some. We can have enough of what people think they need in EVE villages that they won’t want to leave. We will be providing in our own “insignificant economy”  with the things that people need, in a logical and sustainable way.  


As the years have gone by in the development of the Earthship concept, and more and more global problems have been presented by the media, we have kept incorporating responses to these problems  into the Earthship concept. This is how we developed the six design principles. Now, there is another problem which has become the sole highway on which all of life is delivered… they call it the economy.  We are taking a left turn off of this eroding highway and carving a path out into the future and beyond.  We are calling this path E.V.E..