Truchas Global Model Earthship for Sale

Truchas Global Model Earthship for Sale

Practical features of these Global Model Earthships

  • Built-in closets in every bedroom
  • Washer and dryer hook-up
  • Propane range
  • DC solar powered refrigerator
  • High efficiency lighting throughout
  • WiFi available from Taos Net
  • Small fenced yard for pets


Aesthetic Features 

  • Beautiful Southwestern vigas in main living space
  • Natural adobe mud plaster throughout
  • Flagstone entry and hallway through greenhouse
  • Custom bottle brick work in main living space and master bedroom
  • Glass tile backsplash above kitchen counter and cabinets

Encounter Earthship

  • Two bed Two Bath
  • Off-grid – all modern amenities.
  • Solar Electricity, Catch Water, Contained Waste Water Treatment, Passive Solar, Thermal Dynamics.
  • Modern Appliances and Modern Living. Clothes washer and dryer. Electric cooking (can have natural gas or liquid propane).
  • Earthship Biotecture can build for you anywhere in the world.
Encounter Earthship for Sale