While many things have changed many still remain the same. We hope that our guests will continue to enjoy the unique, educational and peaceful stay in our Earthship Nightly Rentals. For our staff and guests safety we are implementing new and enhanced safety and disinfecting protocols for COVID -19. The safety of our staff and guests will be our number one priority. We have provided staff with additional training which covers information to keep our staff and guests safe.

Waiting periods will be implemented between guests to allow time for the home to be properly cleaned and disinfected. Due to particles in the air, we have a waiting period that allows time before and after both staff and guests enter the home.

As much as we will miss greeting and checking in our guests, we will be following social distancing protocol, therefore we will have contactless check ins and check outs. All check ins will be a self check in after four o’clock pm. All check outs will be a self check out at eleven am or earlier. We ask that the key is left in the front door at check out. Self check in instructions will be inside the home. If staff must enter a home for maintenance issues guests will be asked to distance. Maintenance requests that are non priority and can wait until guest departure may not be addressed. Pertaining to the Phoenix Earthship Greenhouse and Animals, when a staff member is present to care for the plants and animals guests will politely be asked to stay inside the interior of the home and out of the greenhouse until staff has completed their work. We are asking that guests not feed or handle the animals.

Homes will be ventilated (aired out) during and after staff and guests arrival and departure. Depending on the weather the homes will be ventilated upon arrival.

Staff will have proper personal protective equipment to protect themselves and guests. We will be cleaning and disinfecting the homes with products registered with the EPA. All homes will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. By cleaning first, then disinfecting, you can lower the risk of infection. All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate cleaners and disinfectants. All linens will be washed at the highest heat setting. Comforters will be replaced with fresh duvets. Throws, decorative pillows, books, dvd’s and decorations will be removed from the homes. We ask that all trash and recycling be properly placed in the provided trash bags.

We are taking cleanliness and sanitation seriously. We hope that you enjoy your stay and the peaceful serenity of the Earthships while staying healthy and well.

Thank you, Earthship Biotecture