Looking back to the very beginning of Earthships… everything good, successful about all previous Earthship efforts and designs. Some of the methods in the Unity Design is going back to Earthship Volume 1 with logs across the walls as beams for the roof. This has been the most simple method for capturing a strong roof. We are picking up all the things we learned along the way from the various other Earthship Models. The Unity is the ‘collective’ of all best performing and best aspects of Earthship Biotecture that serve the people in the best capacity.

If we can get the right vessel, we can help make the people and the planet more unified. Right now, people are aliens on this planet. The Unity Design is the best we have ever done… for now. This takes into consideration everything. Performance, Cost, User Friendliness and Ease of Building. These are the aspects that design the Earthship. We can make something that performs great, but too expensive or too difficult to build. A home for today’s world with today’s people and today’s situation must allow for the people to be able build it themselves. There are always people who won’t build themselves and hire others to build for them. That is fine. But the people CAN build their building themselves.

Unity Earthship Construction Drawings

We want to get these buildings out there. Imagine the little octagon cells in a honeycomb for bees. That is what works for them. Humanity has gone way crazy in the customized, dream-home craziness that costs a fortune to operate and a fortune to build. We can express ourselves in so many other ways… but our housing… we all need water, we all need to do something with our sewage, we all need comfort, we all need electricity, we all need food. We all need to use up our own garbage.  We all need the same things. So why wouldnt that translate into a very similar looking vessel to live in. That is what we are looking at is a vessel that will sale on the seas of tomorrow. This vessel is going to be fairly similar all over the planet. We are looking at pictures of the Hanza People, their housing is simple and looks fairly the same. It is ok for things to look the same. Humans all look the same, why wouldnt our housing look fairly similar. We are not squelching individuality and expressionism, we are saying lets be smart about how we live on this planet. The Unity Earthship Design is our step in that direction.