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A Coming of Wizards

This book centers around and was inspired by an experience with four wizards. From this experience I have developed a way of thinking and living that is vividly expressed in my architectural work. I wrote this book to present both the method of thinking and the architectural work, as together they are taking me on a journey I feel would be valuable to document.

Consider this book as having three parts.

PART ONE calls forth an appropriate state of mind from which to perceive the “wizard information”. The journey begins here with the Human Condition, and slowly moves out of it as the book progresses.

PART TWO presents the “wizard information” along with a real and existing way of applying it in our reality. This is where my architectural work appears- as an example of this type of thinking manifesting a new reality.

PART THREE moves beyond our own reality, via the “wizard information”, into the universe and toward an image of God.

Thus, this book is a journey toward a state of mind from which the “wizard information” can be perceived. It then moves through that information and beyond the human condition. It is about finding and moving toward our potential. My hope is that opening this book to any page will present some aspect of this potential.

Thank you for your attention,

Michael Reynolds

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

A Coming of Wizards: A Manual of Human Potential
8 Pamphlets covering the concepts and philosophies behind being human and designing, living in and teaching Earthship Biotecture.