Earthship Volume 1 15% off
2021 Earthship Calendar 50% off
Special Earth Day Earthship HQ Facility Tour
Get Ready: Thursday, April 22, Earth Day, 2021.

2021 Earthship Calendar

Beautiful Earthship Calendar for the 2021 Calendar Year. Beautiful images from many different Earthships.

Earthship Volume 1: How to Build Your Own

The first book in the Earthship Volume Trilogy written by Michael Reynolds. In Earthship Volume 1: Build Your Own, he describes earthships, the theories behind them, the need for them and why they work. He then dives into the details of how to actually build one.

Earthship HQ Facility Guided-Tour

You will meet in the gallery at 3pm where one of our friendly staff will use the hanging panels to explain a bit about the history and what defines earthships today (for about 20-25 minutes). They will do a brief walk through of the Visitor Center, then take you into a few of our other educational facility buildings. These buildings include our Academy classroom building, the E.V.E. project, and into one of the first Earthships built in the community!