EVE is a planned high-density community where 25 people will live, work and grow their own food. Beyond Earthship solutions to power, water, sewage, and comfort, the EVE project addresses economics. This project is located on the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site.

Michael Reynolds’ fight to get the law for this site passed is the central story of the documentary Garbage Warrior.

On this test site Earthship Biotecture is able to experiment with methods of sustainable living without having to go through the conventional permitting process. This helps evolve systems more rapidly while bringing down costs.

Earthship Village Ecologies and the Sustainable Testing Sites


Throughout the last forty years Earthship Biotecture has been working toward developing a fully sustainable prototype home that has a zero carbon footprint on the planet. We arrived at this in the early 2000’s and are still perfecting and refining it. We have a building prototype that harvests its own electricity and water; contains and treats its own sewage; heats and cools itself without fuel and produces a significant amount of food.

The building is built from 45% recycled materials… thus starting the construction of the building with a negative carbon footprint. Discarded materials take the place of new materials that require energy to produce. Also, once used, discarded materials, would have taken energy to dispose of. There is no energy required to reuse existing materials. This further contributes to a negative carbon foot print at the birth of the building. This building costs next to nothing to operate annually and is independent of all municipal utilities. It takes full care of its owners and actually enhances the grounds around it due to the botanical cells which contain, treat and reuse the sewage via biological processes resulting in greenery. This prototype has been evolved by Earthship Biotecture to be priced right in the ball park with conventional buildings of similar quality in all parts of the world.

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Earthship Village Ecologies and the Sustainable Testing Sites OnDemand Webinar

from June 1, 2020 Earthship Village Ecologies and the Sustainable Testing Sites OnDemand Webinar with Michael Reynolds – Earthship Garbage Warrior

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