Start with a corner of the building, we are starting with the north-east corner. Place a piece of rebar and use construction string.

Find the direction the building faces, in the northern hemisphere, a little east of south.

Find the east-west dimension between the inside of the first course of tires. Measure from the middle of the rebar pins.

Layout the east and west sides, find 90 degree angles to make the building square and consistent dimensions east-west. Measure from the center of the rebar pins. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to create 90 degree angles.

Find the south line from the dimensions in the construction drawings set.

Take parallels dimensions to confirm measurements.

Take diagonal measurements to confirm entire building is square with correct 90 degree angles.

Place the first tires at the lowest end, carve in a level pad for the first course of tires to sit on. Begin pounding tires. The first few courses get gravel instead of simple dirt.

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