Kat Mor of Earthship Biotecture gives a tour through the Texas Earthship on Day 15. Greywater system, silt catch, football, kitchen wiring, and other details.

Kat Mor of Earthship Biotecture gives an overview tour of the Texas Earthship doing finishing touches. Greywater system, silt catch, Roof, Parapets, wiring, and other details.


Earthship Texas Week 2

Nov. 2 -7, 2009.
I will be joining a crew of about 15 with 15 other interns to be building a 2 bedroom global model Earthship in between Crockett and Lufkin Texas. So week one of the build has happened without us. Blake and I are joining the crew and interns at the beginning of week two. We will be camping at Lake Ratcliff TX, what turns out to be a gorgeous lake surrounded by trees and deer a few miles from the build site. It is beyond perfect camping conditions, beautiful lake, hot showers and bathrooms, and fellow interns with kayaks, hammocks, great food and beer. Seriously spoiled. Most of the interns are staying here with us while the crew is at the Crockett Holiday Inn but they came by to visit and have massive cookouts. The interns and crew are all amazing people.

The first week I spent making can walls (old soda cans laid in cement), pounding a few remaining tires (rammed earth encased by recycled car tires), packing the tire walls, prepping Veegas (large wood beams that need shaving, cleaning, sanding), and porcupining (hammering nails in various wood elements) to get ready for more cement and can walls. It was a very rewarding week. Hard work but the crew was extra helpful and encouraging. Every evening it was not so bad to retire to camp and watch the sunset over the lake with fellow interns, including an ex-gourmet chef and thus eat amazing group meals by a fire till we pass out, then do it all again.

Photos of the first week of building!