• Thank you for choosing the Earthship Biotecture Academy.

    You participation in this program, automatically means you are responsible to follow the procedures below:

    • Wear masks and gloves in classroom and on job sites
    • Get tested for COVID-19 prior to arrival at our facility
    • Bring your own cutlery and never leave them behind in the common areas
    • Stay within Taos County during your time here and limit general travel
    • Take precautions upon entering town for groceries and laundry facilities (including wearing a mask)
    • A staff member will take your temperature everyday before you enter the classroom and start the day, if you have temperature over 100.4º F, you will have to stay in your room.

    If you break this protocol, you will be asked to leave the program.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Earthship Biotecture, will also utilize the protocol below

    • Ensure each individual has their own sleeping space; communal areas will be disinfected upon arrival
    • Classroom doors will be kept open during lectures
    • Handwashing stations will be set up on the job site
    • Disinfect the classroom after each course
    • Only allow those that have been in the U.S. to attend the program - no international students for the July session
    • Provide disinfecting wipes for job site if tools are shared
    • Allow space between the seats in the classroom.