All items must be organic or preferrably home grown also do not use a juicer for this – must be a blender or Vitamix as we want the fiber – not just the juice.

PARSLEY – very easy to grow in an Earthship – use it every day

KALE –  we have shown dinasour kale but any kind will do and you should alternate with spinach – both are great

CELERY –  can be grown in an Earthship – don’t use the leaves

CARROTS – can be grown in an Earthship

GINGER – easy to find in any produce department

TUMERIC ROOT – can be ordered on line – worth it to buy 30 pounds at once and cut it up and freeze it

BLUE BERRIES – use a whole tray of these

RED RASPBERRIES – can substitute with strawberries

LEMONS – use the rinds also – rinds are the best part of the lemon

APPLE – best is a wild apple – small with more peel to fruit ratio as peel is the best part

TANGERINES – these are actually CALAMANSI LIMES – they are grown in Philippines but i have them growing in greenhouses in Earthships at 7000 feet altitude in Taos, New Mexico

BEETS – can be grown in Earthship greenhouses