We have chickens because they give us eggs
We know a chicken comes to us if we have food
We know a chicken ignores us if we do not have anything for them
We know a chicken shits in its own food tray
We know a chicken would start pecking and eating us 
if we were laying bleeding and unconscious in the chicken yard
We don’t expect a chicken to do what we say
We don’t expect a chicken to care about us
We would not argue with a chicken about what they are
or what we want them to be
We would look stupid if someone saw us arguing with a chicken
We would look stupid if we let a chicken hurt our feelings
We accept and understand these things about a chicken
We do not try to make a chicken any different than it is
It is a chicken
Now substitute any one of the following …  wife, husband, 
father, mother, brother, sister, friend, employee, employer, 
etc. for the word chicken
gather the eggs and be quiet