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Earthship Biotecture Treatise

* To reduce the economic and institutional barriers between humans and their habitat. * To reverse the overall negative effect that conventional human housing has on this planet. * To create a less stressful plane of existence for humans in an effort to reduce the stress that they in turn place on the planet and each other. * To interface economics


The evolutions of the UNITY floor plan are... direct egress from the bedrooms which make permitting easier; insulated drapes to seal off inner living spaces rather than glass which is more economical; simple "U" construction like original Earthships; no roof penetrations; electric snow melt; overall more user friendly construction and operation; and floor plan

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Just what is this thing we call economy?

If we found a cure for cancer it would be a crushing blow to the pharmaceuticals and the cancer “industry” in terms of the economy. If we put forth alternative energies and began using them it would be a crushing blow to the various energy industries like coal and nuclear in terms of the economy. If we really